Concatenating columns in PARADOX Database C#

May 12, 2021

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Still can't find correct way to concatenate columns in PARADOX queries ? I will show how this short post

Concatenate columns from PARADOX using C# driver

Still struggling to concatenate columns in PARADOX queries? This short post will show you how.

When we are querying old databases, we need to follow some rules to avoid problems. After being stuck for half a day trying to concatenate two columns, one DateTime + TimeSpan (yes, the legacy database stored date separated from time) with ODBC for a C# application, I found a solution.

Simply use an AND operator...

//... something before "select *"...
  MyDatabase.MyDate1 AS DateCol,
  MyDatabase.MyTime2 AS TimeCol
  MyDatabase.MyDate1 & ' ' & MyDatabase.MyTime2 AS DateWithTime
//... something after ..."where ("

Now your query has a column with concatenated columns. In my case, the query above resulted in something like 12/12/2020 22:40:06.

I hope this helps you.

Vinicios Clarindo