Concatenating columns in PARADOX Database C#

12 May, 2021 - 1 min read


Still can't find correct way to concatenate columns in PARADOX queries ? I will show how this short post

Concatenating columns in PARADOX C

When we are using querying old database we need follow some rules to avoid problems.

After half day stuck in the problem of concat two columns one DateTime + TimeSpan (yes legacy database was stored date separated from time) with ODBC for an C# application i found this way.

Yes simply use an AND operator...

//... something before ~select *~
  MyDatabase.MyDate1 AS DateCol,
  MyDatabase.MyTime2 AS TimeCol
  MyDatabase.MyDate1 & ' ' & MyDatabase.MyTime2 AS DateWithTime
//... something after ~where (~

Now your query has an column with concatenated columns, in my case the query above, will result in something like 12/12/2020 22:40:06 .

I expect this could help you.

$ exit code 0

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